10 biggest disappointments in gaming in 2022

Although gamers were down on the year as a whole, many amazing titles came out of 2022. While people might not remember the year fondly, Ring of Elden alone has already transcended in the same generation-defining halls as the last generation transmitted by blood and The Witcher 3.

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That said, 2022 has been a tough year for video games. This year was the first time that work-from-home developments caught up with game developers. Half of the year’s big games have been pushed back, while several of the remaining projects have been a huge disappointment. While not everything can stick on landing, it’s never a good feeling to walk away from a major game or event more disappointed than happy.

10/10 Halo Infinite can’t understand games as a service

Infinite Halo has had issues since the “Craig” incident. Microsoft pushed the project back an entire year to make sure they could get everything right, but they still missed the mark. Over a year after the game was released, they were struggling to release battle passes that fans wanted to engage with.

The long request Halo The Forge mode which allows players to create their own levels was supposed to be released a long time ago and will instead be released with the winter update on November 8. Although it was one of the most popular first-person shooter franchises at one time, Infinite Halo has come a long way to make Halo feel dated and irrelevant. At this stage, Halo needs something fun and engaging to win fans back.

9/10 Saints Row features a buggy world

Volition fans were looking for a saints row game since agents of chaos came out and were disappointed. And after years of silence, the developers finally announced a Saints Row game, but it didn’t feature any of the fan-favorite characters.

People quickly started complaining about the cast’s millennial look, but that wasn’t even the real issue behind the game. The real issue was that it saints row the remake was not going to be very good. Santo Ileso is a barren, buggy world that hasn’t kept pace with open-world expectations, resembling a PS3 game. This is a video game series that needs to find its way back.

8/10 Marvel’s Avengers is ditching story expansions

Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers project got off to a rocky start. But by the end of 2021, things were starting to look up. The War for Wakanda the expansion was good, while Spider-Man finally came to PlayStation consoles. But since then, the game has only had problems.

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Rumors of a story expansion never materialized, while the only new character in the game all year was Jane Foster’s version of Thor, a new skin of Thor himself. Worse still, story expansions have been put on the back burner, making Marvel’s Avengers just another multiplayer title. Fans can find a better version of this anywhere.

7/10 Chocobo GP is a freemium mess

Square hasn’t released another Chocobo game since they were Squaresoft in the 90s. With that in mind, CU of chocobos could have been a success if they had wanted to. Instead, they let greed ruin the experience. The game was released in America exclusively as a Nintendo Switch title, preventing anyone who wasn’t a Switch owner from even buying it.

Worse still, the game featured a raw number of micro-transactions for what was effectively a full price game. And finally, the game wasn’t even that great, with its gameplay not as polished as Nintendo’s first kart racing series, Mario Kart.

6/10 Nobody wants to play Babylon’s Fall

The fall of Babylon was a big deal when it was revealed in 2018. A collaboration between Square Enix and PlatinumGames, the title seemed to have tons of potential. But then the game disappeared for several years, and when it reappeared, it was suddenly a “games as a service” project.

With fans already out of GaaS, The fall of Babylon never found the right audience. After having some frankly comical concurrent player stats (eventually falling back to single player on Steam), Square Enix announced in September that the game would be shutting down next February.

5/10 Gotham Knights works like a mess

fans of the batman arkham the series were already skeptical Gotham Knights well before its release. With a premise that felt like taking off from Arkham Knightthey wondered why it wasn’t part of the Arkham universe. But then the game came out and suddenly people had other concerns.

Gamers wondered why a game that was meant to be cross-gen couldn’t run at 60 FPS. Whereas Gotham Knights is not a perfect game, the biggest obstacle to the game is the technical problems. This game was supposed to be one of the most exciting games of the second half of the year, but the game’s flaws prevented it from being a great game and made it just a good one.

4/10 Crossfire X barely works

For a game that made such a big hit in South Korea, it seemed like Crossfire really should have been a worldwide success. Certainly, Smilegate has highlighted the game enough at each Geoff Keighley conference. The first-person shooter has announced its story mode, CrossfireXand released it earlier this year.

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But while Remedy Entertainment is generally pretty good at games, they couldn’t save this title. With a metacritical score of 38, CrossfireX is one of the lowest rated games of the year. With reviews criticizing its gunplay and controls, the staples that make FPS games, it may well be beyond repair.

3/10 Diablo Immortal is exactly what everyone thought it was

After embarrassing themselves with the legendary “Don’t have phones?At BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard finally got its mobile Diablo game over. Considering how much the Diablo the series is, Diablo Immortal seemed like exactly the kind of game Blizzard needed to put some of their terrible press behind them.

In place, Diablo Immortal just created a whole new wave of terrible press for the company thanks to predatory microtransactions. While people enjoyed the combat and the game itself, the grinding for F2P players was monstrous, compounded by the gravity of the pay-to-win model.

2/10 Every summer game show has been a disappointment

In 2022, the Summer Games showcases have all been quite disappointing. Of course, not every year can be a success, but this one was particularly bad.

This year’s Summer Game Fest had very few surprises. Unfortunately, fans were disappointed that there was almost no new information about the games that fans had been waiting for. Many of the most exciting announcements came in the fall, as work from home finally caught up with development schedules. 2023 still looks amazing for video games, but the summer excitement was definitely missing.

Ubisoft desperately wanted Rainbow Six: Extraction be the next game for them. They desperately needed one of their new titles to get off the ground, because apart from Assassin’s Creed, Far cryand the older Rainbow Six: Siegeapparently everything they did went wrong.

But if Extraction was Ubisoft’s only hope, it wasn’t yet. A game focused on cooperative play, it ended up swimming at seven when it comes to reviews. People looking for the next fun Ubisoft game should once again look elsewhere.

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